Stories of Sport Dogs and Their People

By Nadia Hall of Barking Dog Images

A photography coffee table book telling the stories of how dog sports have enhanced the bond between humans and their best friends

Pre-orders of the book shipped out in May, 2024. I have a limited quantity of books remaining. Click below to purchase Tails of Teamwork!

About the Author

Hi! I’m Nadia, and dogs are my passion. Years ago, when I wasn’t training or competing with my dogs, I discovered that I love to photograph them. Now, I want all pet parents to have beautiful memories of their dog frozen in time, whether it’s from a dog sport competition or a gorgeous portrait at sunset.

“Nadia has photographed my beloved pets through truly all life stages: from wrangling a wiggly, wild eight-week-old puppy, to ensuring my senior dog’s utmost comfort and happiness during a “sunset” session. She helps both human and animal to feel at ease and have an enjoyable experience during the shoot, only to be surpassed by the absolute delight in seeing your finished photos and receiving the gorgeous artwork following your session.”


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$50 of each registration fee will be donated to support research on agility dogs


Tails of Teamwork is a photography book, but it is also a story-telling book. The application process helps me learn more about the sports you and your dog do and how it has changed your relationship.

The Session

Each session includes both sport and portrait images to capture the bond between dog and handler doing their chosen activities.


Do you have more than one sport dog? Or maybe you want to take the opportunity to extend your session to purchase artwork or an album after the fact? Upgrades are available!

The Artwork

Why not take the opportunity of this portrait session to make beautiful artwork with the images we make together? Digitals and artwork are not included in the registration fee, but they can be purchased afterwards.

The Book

Pre-orders will be available for Tails of Teamwork at the end of 2023! Participants can upgrade to include the book in their package as well.

Our Partner

Raising money for AGILE: AGility Innovations Leveraging Electronics

Injuries occur in up to 42% of agility dogs. Agility handlers and trainers need a reliable, accurate way to measure and monitor athlete activity. Advances in human- and canine-wearable sensors provide new ways of accurately recognizing and measuring movement, and machine learning techniques can find patterns in movement data to perform activity recognition. The goal is to develop a canine-wearable system to recognize agility activity so that researchers can measure canine training workload, speed, fatigue and other parameters to optimize performance, to evaluate the relation of training parameters and injury risk, and to study injury prevention strategies.  

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The Process



On May 1st, applications will be open for the Tails of Teamwork book! If accepted, you will be asked to choose your package and further registration information will be sent via email.


The Session

It’s time for you and your dog to shine! We will take photographs of you both together, and you and your dog doing your sport of choice for the book. If you upgrade, we will spend more time taking photos!


Image Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Get ready for ooohs, ahhhs, and maybe some tears! We will watch a slideshow of my favorite images from the session and you can decide if you would like to make any purchases.

Package Options


  • $50 donated to research on agility dogs
  • A 30-minute Barking Dog Images photography session with you and one dog ($100 value)
  • A double-page spread in the Tails of Teamwork book


Full session

  • Everything in the Basic package
  • A full-length photography session with your entire household ($200 value)
  • $100 of product credit to use at your reveal appointment


The Artwork

I’m not in the business of pet photography, I’m in the business of artwork! My job is to make something tangible that you will love for many generations to come. If you love a single image or want to make a gallery wall from your session, show-stopping wall art starts at $600. If you can’t resist a larger collection of your images, image boxes, print packages, and albums start at $700.

All of the products are sourced through professional printing labs around the world that are not available to consumers. Each printed purchase includes the accordingly digital file sized for social media (I know you want to share them on your Instagram!), and digitals are also available to add-on to your product order.

Buy the Book!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Pre-orders for the Tails of Teamwork book are available NOW, with printing in early 2024!

Tails of Teamwork: Stories of Sport Dogs and Their People

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $85.00. plus tax and shipping

8″ x 10″ hardcover coffee table book with 150 beautifully printed glossy pages. The book features 46 handlers and 73 dogs doing 11 dog sports in 11 different states from across the country. Each spread includes photographs of the dogs and their handler as well as their story. Ships via priority mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Barking Dog Images is located in Delafield, Wisconsin, and registrations should be located within or willing to travel within 60 miles of this location. I travel frequently to trial with my own dogs or photograph events, so I will post my schedule in other cities/states when I am accepting sessions for Tails of Teamwork. I hope that dog sport teams from all over the country will participate!

Not at all! All dogs are photographed on leash and rest assured, I have a DEEP well of unique sounds and tasty treats to grab their attention—even if it’s just for that split second while I capture each image! Leashes are there in the proof images but – poof! – like magic they are removed with Photoshop for the final prints. I aim to keep your dog’s portrait session fun and stress-free, which means that I do not pressure them to hold any kind of position or behavior if they are not comfortable or do not have the ability to. Plus, your dog will be well-paid (in delicious treats!) for their modeling.

Registration will open on May 1st and close on May 15th. Photography sessions will be scheduled beginning on May 22nd and continue through fall, with pre-sales of the book being released in late-2023 and book printing in early 2024.

Of course, I hope you love your images and use the opportunity of our time together to purchase digital images or artwork from our session! But, it is not required and if you want to register to just be included in the book, that is fine.

I am hoping to photograph all new images for the book Tails of Teamwork! However, if you have a special circumstance (e.g., a dog has passed away) please contact me and we can chat. I will not publish images taken by other photographers.

At this time, I have access to agility equipment and I am planning to rent an outdoor dock diving facility for a day for dogs who participate in dock diving. If you do a sport that does not require much equipment (e.g., obedience) or where you can bring your own equipment (e.g., nose work) I would be happy to include you and your dog sport in the book! I will not publish images taken by other photographers.

Have a Different question?

Reach out to me, Nadia Hall, at hello@barkingdogimages.com or submit the form below!


Thanks for reading!